The new GraphCMS beta is here!

We've been working hard to improve the #1 GraphQL CMS on the market.

Improved GraphQL APIs

Improved GraphQL APIs

A better syntax, unified Simple and Relay API and tons of great additions make development with GraphCMS even more efficient.

User experience improvements

Revamped User Experience

A fresh look, better performance and countless UX improvements. Working with GraphCMS is becoming a whole new experience!


Multiple Environments

Don't break your production apps and allow experiments by using multiple environments. Synchronize when your work is done!

Content Views

Content Views

Put your content into perspective. Save filters and custom configurations for faster access or sharing with colleagues and clients.

Revision History

Revision History coming soon

The new revision history will put your mind at ease. Track changes of your content and see what was changed, when and by whom.

Custom Workflows

Custom Workflows coming soon

Be in charge of the stages of your content. Customize workflows to model your publishing process and control what content is exposed via the API.


Beta Roadmap

Work in Progress

Deployment Triggers

Webhooks that fire on any content change. Can be used best for static site deployments.

Permanent Read/Write Auth Tokens

Permanent auth tokens with configurable scope.

Field Modifiers

Set default values for your fields and make them required or unique.

Field Editing

Editing of fields is currently disabled and will be available before production launch.


CRUD Permissions

Field level CRUD permissions for non authorized API consumers.

Location field

Editor for the location type.

Color Field

Editor for color type.

Content Views

Persisted filters and column configs for convenient content browsing.

Content Localization

Adding a flexible content localization system back in place.

Webhooks on Model Level

Webhooks that are configurable on model level.

Migration Tools

Tools for cloning your current GraphCMS project into the new system.

Are you ready?

Our Mission

GraphCMS enables developers to build powerful content APIs in a matter of minutes, while it gives content creators all the tools they need to manage their content. The hosted content APIs can be easily consumed by websites, apps or any other platform.

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