Tools to Give Your GraphCMS Content Workflow Superpowers

Makenna Smutz
Makenna Smutz

May 21, 2019

Tools to Give Your GraphCMS Content Workflow Superpowers

GraphCMS started primarily as a developer focused product. As the product has grown, we have realized the importance of focusing on the experience that you, as a content creator/editor/connoisseur, have within the GraphCMS web app. We quickly realized that teams across many different industries have very specific niche requests.

In the meantime, we have made several content creation optimizations with the (at the time of writing) latest release.

As a full-time marketer here at GraphCMS, I love bringing the content creator’s priorities to the forefront of our developer’s considerations. We use GraphCMS to build GraphCMS as well as many other fun side projects. While dogfooding our own product, as they say, we have gathered tools that improve our workflows inside of the web app. Here are tools that I use, and that could supercharge your content workflow inside of GraphCMS:

Grammarly Homepage ## Grammarly Using multiple tools/platforms to write content for an app or website is a pain. I love using the Grammarly Chrome extension to write inside of the GraphCMS web app. I appreciate it most when writing blog posts. Long form copywriting can be grueling to find small spelling and grammar mistakes. However, I could also see it saving teams strife by correcting application micro-copy. Grammarly works passively to correct any minor spelling or grammar mistakes in your text by underlining any issues. Larger suggestions such as readability & run-on sentences can be accessed by clicking on the Grammarly logo hovering at the bottom left-hand corner of the field input. This can go leaps and bounds into improving the quality of the content you’re creating in the GraphCMS web app.

Loom Home Page ## Loom Loom is a screen and self-recording tool that is great for creating explanatory content. I use Loom when writing release notes, showing off relevant features, as well as documenting processes and bug reports. The tool even records mouse clicks and keystrokes if you turn on the proper settings. This will make sure watchers are following whatever you’re displaying. One really fun new feature from Loom Pro is the ability to add a CTA to the end of your video! This could be a great new conversion medium to test out for your blog or landing pages!

ClickUp Chrome Extension ## ClickUp I always plan my content pieces with ClickUp before jumping into the writing bit. ClickUp is great for organization of both your Content Creation strategy as well as the individual post. Their new chrome extension allows you to convert screenshots and website links into tasks through the hovering bubble. When you’re ready to move from ideation to writing, I tend to put my outline in notes and open them directly while I am in the GraphCMS Web App. ClickUp is markdown compatible, so I don’t have to do any additional formatting after I paste in my post outline.

Netlify Homepage ## Netlify Having your website team set up a Webhook (also known to Netlify users as a build hook) between GraphCMS and Netlify can give you the power to publish independently. Refer your web developer to this page for setup.

UXPin homepage ## UXPin This one is more for visual content creators. One benefit of having content accessible via API is that designers can work with real data without the need for copy and paste. UXpin is a great example of this possibility. Using their data import + a JSON file of our API query, I can work with real data. Design layers have the same naming convention that your JSON file has. i.e. data.blogPost.postTitle for the text layer designated to the title. The UXpin team is also working on the ability to connect a GraphQL endpoint and the ability to specify the query that should fill a specific component. I don’t know about you, but as a multifunctional content creator, this is really exciting to me!

Ultimately, the tools you use are niche to your industry and team’s needs. We will continue optimizing your content creation experience within the web app.

Do you have any tools that supercharge your GraphCMS content workflow? We’d love to hear about it! Join our Slack Channel.

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