GraphCMS Friday Offer and Raising Traffic Limits

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Fabian Beliza

Today we have a special offer prepared for you! In honor of black friday you will get 50% off your first 3 months on all plans.

To activate your special offer use the code "blackfriday"!

The coupon code is valid for new subscriptions and upgrades from your current plan until 01/01/2018. Get it while it's hot!


How To Redeem

  1. Create a new project or open your existing one.
  2. Navigate into your project Settings
  3. Scroll to Usage Analytics
  4. Click on Change Plan
  5. Enter blackfriday as coupon code
  6. The coupon code works for either new projects or for upgrades into a higher plan!

Raising Traffic Limits

We just raised the limits on asset traffic for the Growth and Business plan. The Growth plan now includes 100GB traffic per month (50GB before), the Business plan now includes 1TB traffic (100GB before).

The last month was also pretty busy with bug fixes, changes and performance improvements. We introduced an overhauled project creation wizard and fixes to the localization feature. Also some minor bugs were found under the carpet and have been successfully squashed! 🐛

Starting this week we are working on new skeleton apps to make it easier to get started with GraphCMS, so stay tuned for great templates to kickstart your projects!

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