Modern Analytics Tools for Headless Infrastructure

Headless CMS is setting out a new blueprint for marketers and their data analytics tools — GraphCMS

Headless CMS means big changes, and not just for developers — for digital marketers too. These changes can be challenging, but there is a lot of potential for content creators when it comes to utilizing and analyzing headless infrastructure, once you understand exactly what it can do. Headless architecture allows data to be distributed to a wide array of endpoints. But all these diverse endpoints need equally diverse tools to analyze customer habits.

Here are the latest tools you can use to effectively track your KPIs with Headless CMS:

1. All-in-one dashboards

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The digital marketer’s holy grail is finding that one sacred marketing tool that unifies all necessary data into one platform. Nobody’s found it yet, but some dashboards are better than others for particular metric needs. Marketo continues to trend in 2019, with its multi-platform marketing tools, with lead management capabilities to help you understand your customer demographics and their online behaviors.

2. Tracking performance

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Performance analytics tools are having to adapt as Headless CMS changes the nature of data management. Tools now need to get much more geo-specific, targetted, and personal, as data analysis expands to mobile applications. For instance, SEMrush is developing its capabilities, adding more advanced tools to track the performance of your content — along with that of your competitors — across mobile and desktop devices. Additionally, they’ve introduced a new feature reacently that helps you to identify what questions users ask about your topics so you can structure and optimize content for voice search.

3. Following current trends

mixpanel - Modern Marketing Analytics Tools for Headless CMS - GraphCMS.png

Whether it’s launching a product or tracking sales, in 2019 you’ll need a behavioral analysis tool to really understand your customer’s wants and needs. Mixpanel’s advanced toolset allows you to curate data across multiple platforms and to track specific trends, allowing you to make an informed decision about what should be your next marketing move.

4. Testing tools that convert

vwo - Modern Marketing Analytics Tools for Headless CMS - GraphCMS.jpg

A/B testing is vital for marketers to understand which campaigns are working better than others. Optimizely and Crazy Egg are some of the best testing tools to make sure you are getting the most out of your campaign on any platform. VWO is another tailored testing tool that optimizes conversions through a suite that includes “A/B tests, Split URL tests, and multivariate tests.”

5. Visual behavior analysis

hotjar - Modern Marketing Analytics Tools for Headless CMS - GraphCMS.jpg

Hotjar is a tool that, twenty years ago, could have been featured in a futuristic sci-fi movie. However, screen-time behavioral analysis is fast becoming a key tool for recognizing customer patterns. Crazy Egg has a great article that outlines the benefits of visual behavior analysis for the audience and for marketers — along with a list of different types of heat map analysis tools available.

6. Visitor data segregation

segment - Modern Marketing Analytics Tools for Headless CMS - GraphCMS.png

Platforms like Segment could easily be seen as tools made for data analysts and SEO experts only, but every good marketer knows they have to have a little data analytics know-how. Statcounter and Lucky Orange, with their advanced customer data settings like web recording and click fraud analysis, are taking data analysis to the next level.

7. Mobile application management

flurry - Modern Marketing Analytics Tools for Headless CMS - GraphCMS.jpg

Flurry is one of the more popular mobile app managers around for iOS and Android, specializing in more detailed user demographics and specifying target audiences with more accuracy. With mobile and application use on a steady increase, some other popular mobile app analytics tools to take note of are Singular (formerly known as Apsalar), Countly, and Localytics.

8. Voice experience tools

adobe analytics - Modern Marketing Analytics Tools for Headless CMS - GraphCMS.jpg

Voice of Customer (VoC) analytics tools are coming to the fore as voice activation and recognition improves. Adobe has just released its voice analytics tool kit, setting a premise for what’s to come. As of September 2018, Alexa was compatible with 20,000 devices. So developing tools to track and comprehend user-intent will become more and more necessary.

9. Assessing IoT solutions

microsoft azure - Modern Marketing Analytics Tools for Headless CMS - GraphCMS.jpg

IoT solutions cover “logistics, warehouse monitoring, manufacturing, quality management, facility management, and vehicles in transit,” and analytics tools are being developed especially for this sector to effectively analyze IoT sensor data. Azure Stream Analytics is developing AI-powered analytics, intelligent enough to handle the data in this rapidly growing space.

10. The age of wearables

nike - Modern Marketing Analytics Tools for Headless CMS - GraphCMS.jpg

In the era of wearable devices, analysts are figuring out how to make the products more intuitive, to improve flow and avoid disruption, by learning what the customer does or doesn’t want to do. Mega-companies like Nike have experts dedicated to the cause, and no doubt we’ll see some new versions of data analytics tools coming for wearables — for more than just fitness trends.

Marketing is changing

graphcms - Modern Marketing Analytics Tools for Headless CMS - GraphCMS.jpg

The role of the digital marketer is changing for both content creation and data analytics. “Headless CMS marketers need to think of content in modules, where an individual module can be used independently from a web page as well as part of a web page.” Discover how you can manage your multi-platform Headless infrastructure content more efficiently with GraphCMS.

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