Introducing UI Extensions

Frederik Eychenié
Frederik Eychenié
Somasundaram Ayyappan
Somasundaram Ayyappan

June 18, 2021

We’re excited to announce UI Extensions! UI Extensions give you the ability to extend the functionality of the GraphCMS Web App with custom self-hosted applications.

What are UI Extensions in GraphCMS?

A UI Extension is essentially a small application that exists in a sandboxed iframe and interacts with GraphCMS via our SDK.

UI Extensions in GraphCMS

UI Extensions allow you to extend the functionality of the GraphCMS content editing experience by running custom applications within the CMS. UI Extensions can be used for a variety of use-cases, such as using your own Rich Text Editor, adding custom fields to let editors search and pick products from a Shopify catalog, integrating an asset picker for Cloudinary to bring all your asset views into GraphCMS, and much more.

Currently, UI Extensions are to be self-hosted by you. You would need to get a URL from your externally hosted extension, and provide it within GraphCMS. We will run a compatibility check to ensure the extension can work as expected, and render the relevant setup form. You can also store configs, such as API keys, for external products/services for use within your UI extension.

We currently support single field extensions that can be configured within the content forms and plan to work on sidebar extensions in the near future.

Get started with building, installing, and using a custom UI Extension with our guide

Please note that this is currently an early feature preview. Several improvements and changes are expected, which may result in breaking changes on your projects. We’d be keen to gather your feedback when working with UI Extensions to help constantly improve the feature. Reach out to us via our on-site chat, or on the #feedback channel on our Community Slack.

To watch UI Extensions in action, stay tuned for the livestream on 22.06.2021 as Jamie walks us through creating, configuring, and using extensions in GraphCMS.

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