The New GraphCMS is Ready for Launch!

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We are incredibly excited to announce that the revamped GraphCMS experience has left beta! With a fresh new set of features and performance increases, the next era of what a content management system can be, has begun.

It’s hard to imagine that the little CMS we launched a little over a year ago has become the beloved headless CMS that it is today with indie developers and major enterprises jumping to the platform. Developers caught on to the promise of GraphQL nearly the moment it first hit the inter-webs as a humble spec. Businesses have been turning to the promise of headless CMSs over the course of the last decade. But now that we’ve combined the two, there’s simply no going back!

A recap on some of the benefits of the Headless + GraphQL Paradigm

"Headless + GraphQL"

The benefits of headless

  • Any platform. Anywhere.
    No matter if you have a single website or multiple websites, apps and services – they can all be powered by a single-source-of-content-truth. Write once, deliver everywhere.
  • Frontend freedom.
    You can choose whatever technology stack you want! If you like ruby, swift, python, PHP, java or javascript – we ♥️ your stack!
  • Happy Developers!
    No, really! The cost of turn-over and on-boarding new developers and recruiting is expensive. Use the developers you’ve got, let them write code how they like to write code and at the same time, your writers, managers and stake-holders get their GUI-ey CMS!

The benefits of GraphQL

  • An End to Endless Endpoints.
    Traditional REST API’s have massive lists of endpoints, both new and legacy, to support the many different content needs of a business. GraphQL has one, and it delivers all the content you ask for.
  • Descriptive not Prescriptive API.
    The API is generated from your content structure. If you know your content, you know the API.
  • Built-in Documentation.
    Because of the introspection query, you can explore the generated API in a tool like GraphiQL which is an incredible DX performance boost.
  • Happy Developers.
    Once again, the increase in time to focus on coding and not on managing endpoints creates happy developers. Happy developers bring value.

GraphCMS brings 10x value to businesses and enterprises by creating the most developer friendly content API on the planet.

At GraphCMS we’ve focused on adding “just-enough opinion.” Through our decades of experience in building custom CMSs or consulting companies on choosing the right CMS, we’ve learned a few things about what makes a good content manager. As developers, we’ve learned a few things about what get’s in the way. We leveraged this combined experience to create a tool that has enough helpful patterns to make a very powerful editor and interface for writers and editors while maintaining maximum flexibility for the dev-ops team.

It’s so flexible, we should
have called it Yogi CMS.

Features and the Future

The revamped CMS is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. The heavy dosage of Google’s material design throughout the application has created a beautiful, new interface for our users that is both intuitive and familiar. But the redesign is truly just the tip of the iceberg for us. The team has devoted countless hours to giving the internals a complete overhaul which has led to a drastically faster application, reduction in technical debt from the old architecture, and an ability to release features at a ⚡️ rate.

Check out the list of features ready to go! The remaining features are in the final phases of development and testing, so keep an eye on our twitter and blog!

Features launching today:

  • Completely new UI
  • Improved and unified GraphQL APIs
  • Staging for your schemas!
  • All new "global" web-hooks
  • Extended security features

Features launching within the next three months:

  • Revision history
  • Custom workflows
  • Custom roles and permissions
  • Powerful content views
  • Geo-Location

Additionally, we are expanding a set of tools and services to help migrate your old content into the new platform.

A word about the future

We’d like to share an important number with you. $1,000,000! 🤑 🤑 🤑 We are incredibly excited to announce that we’ve closed a seed funding round! The round was led by Germany’s own Paua Ventures and was joined by an incredibly experienced group of business angels. We are very grateful for both their financial support and their business savvy as we build the most developer friendly CMS on the planet!

What this means for us

We can move faster! With this influx of capital we are able to double down on the road map, continue to provide the awesome support our customers are used to receiving and build out the team to make this all happen at an even faster rate.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a customer, it means that this overhaul of the app is only the beginning! The features listed above will be landing quicker and the concierge services you’ve come to love will get even more capacity. What’s awesomer than awesome? 🤔 If you are a developer, it means we are hiring and can pay! 💰 We are continually on the look out for top-end talent, across all departments. You can’t build the world’s most developer friendly CMS without also being one of the world’s most developer friendly companies. Seriously, we are cool people. Check out our hiring page and come join us!

Just imagine what your company content management system could be like? Sign up for a free account here.

Oh, and by the way: We are also on Product Hunt today! Please feel invited to join the discussion and send some love! 💖

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