[Legacy] Product Update: October 2017

Since launching GraphCMS nearly 3 months ago, we have processed millions of API requests and are continuously welcoming an ever growing community.

Michael Lukaszczyk
Michael Lukaszczyk
GraphCMS Product Release - October 2017

It’s been almost three months since we launched GraphCMS. Times are super exciting and a lot has happened since then. We have processed millions of API requests and are continuously welcoming an ever growing community. In a few days, we are rolling out one of the most demanded features: content localization. As time goes on, our feature request backlog is growing and growing. The good news is that a lot of the requests are actually already in the design phase! In this post, we’d like to tell you what has happened in the last weeks and months and what's coming next.

A look backAnchor

Launching our new websiteAnchor

Today we are happy to announce that we launched a brand new website. Gone are the days when you got annoyed by an auto-play video seeking your attention! Special thanks goes to Hugo Meissner from Blazity.

Blazing fast search with our new Algolia integrationAnchor

A couple of weeks ago, we came together for an internal hackathon and implemented our Algolia integration. You can now use it to make all of your content searchable with blazing fast speed! A lot of people started using the integration already in the first few days after the release!

GraphCMS Algolia Hackathon

Supporting new regionsAnchor

Last week, we rolled out support for two new AWS regions: Asia Pacific (Tokyo) and US West (Oregon). You can now create your projects in those regions to benefit from significant speed gains in the API response times. Learn more about region support. Learn more about region support.

The GraphCMS crew is growingAnchor

We welcome our newest GraphCMS family members: Martin Heller and Alec Scheidemann. Martin is a passionate developer and was up to speed in no time! He already implemented tons of UX improvements and will continue working on our web app. Alec, on the other hand, will be focused more on the business side of things and will help us grow our community.

What's nextAnchor

Content localization ?Anchor

We are pleased to announce that we are finishing up the much requested content localization feature! In a couple of days, you will be able to create amazing sites and apps in different languages!

Focus in November and DecemberAnchor

In the past months we focused a lot on the needs of the developers. In the next milestone the focus changes slightly. We will put a lot more effort into the UX around content creation! More details on this will follow soon.

Releasing our new roadmapAnchor

In the first week of November we will release a new and continuously maintained roadmap. Feel free to send us feature requests! We will also add a detailed changelog so you can stay up to date on all releases.

New scaffolding apps for all major frameworksAnchor

We have seen that a lot of people really love building their APIs with GraphCMS. After that, however, many of you get stuck implementing your applications. A new set of scaffolding apps will help you get up and running in no time!

There's more ✨Anchor

New limits on plansAnchor

We raised the limits on the Growth and Business plan. The Growth plan now includes 1M API operations and the Business plan comes with 5M requests! Prices stay the same. Enjoy!

GraphQL Summit couponAnchor

Today is the GraphQL Summit in San Francisco. While we are not attending this year, we will definitely be there next year! For those attending, we wish everyone a lot of fun! Rumors are going around there will be some pretty big announcements :wink: To celebrate the GraphQL Summit, we have a special offer for everyone - use the coupon code graphqlsummit to get 50% off your first year using GraphCMS (no annual subscription necessary, valid until end of October)!

Thanks for spending a bit of time with us to catch up on what has happened and peek a bit into what the future will hold. We're as ever excited to have such a passionate community of developers building their products with GraphCMS. Thank you for your support! Now, back to building GraphCMS.

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