Summer Feature Release!

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Makenna Smutz

Hey developers, creators, and the curious 👋We've been hard at work on several parts of the GraphCMS web app that will improve your workflow. This includes Custom defined roles, rich text upgrades, and bulk delete options! TL;DR

Custom Roles

As a unique company with many 'hands in the pot' you need the flexibility to create a content workflow that works for your team. Custom Roles allow you to define groups of users with specific permissions ranging from the project, content views, to API tokens.

To create a Custom Role:

  1. Click on the settings icon in the sidebar
  2. Navigate to Team Settings, Roles, and Permissions
  3. In the section Custom Roles click the create new + button.

You will be able to base the permissions off of an existing system role, and edit ~67 granular permissions. This is our first iteration on the custom roles feature. We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions in our community slack channel!

UI rearrange

With this, our settings pane has gained a new UI to utilize space better!

Rich Text Upgrades

The dev team has been busy with your feature requests for the Rich Text field! Here are some of the things now possible:

The more headings, the merrier?

One of the overwhelmingly popular requests was to have all h1-h6 headings. Happy semantic coding 😁

iFrame embeds

iFrames embedded Rich text fields allow for the most functionality out of your content. The addition of iFrames allows you the flexibility to pull in rich content from around the web. Some possibilities include:

  • Youtube video embeds
  • CodeSandbox embeds
  • Instagram feed embed
  • Third party review embeds

Pro tip: make sure that when prompted to enter the URL you wish to embed, you use the embed url specifically which is different from the normal link!

Re-vamped Asset Transformation UI

Asset Transformation UI The Rich Text field recently received the ability to transform assets that were embedded in the field, directly from the UI! With some feedback and a few iterations, we are releasing an easier way for you to alter your assets. For more information on what is possible with assets, look here.

Multi-delete action (content)

Multi-delete UI Working with a large base of content can be tedious. With the start of bulk content actions, you now have the ability to select multiple content entries and bulk-delete them. Which other bulk actions are you looking forward to?

What's to come?

As a company, we are growing rapidly and increasing our velocity towards bringing you the best content toolset. Up next, watch for important performance upgrades, increasing functionality to the Rich Text field, along with UI upgrades!

Are you ready?

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