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Key GraphCMS Features

GraphQL Mutations, User-generated Content, Custom Workflows

The key reasons for signing up with GraphCMS were ease of build (resulting into a very fast launch of the web app), ease of access, and that it’s super simple to operate.

Darren YoungDirector at Ketchum

Use Case

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Technology Playmaker Awards is an initiative by to highlight and recognize the amazing achievements women are making in the ever-growing and dynamic world of technology. The website of the Technology Playmaker Awards is built and maintained by Ketchum, a leading global communications consultancy, powered by GraphCMS for multiple editions.

The entire content of Technology Playmakers Awards is managed with GraphCMS – landing page, nomination categories, image galleries, video content, and forms and submissions.

Why GraphCMS?Anchor

The Ketchum and teams chose GraphCMS for the following reasons.

Powerful GraphQL APIsAnchor

The performant GraphQL Query API and GraphQL Mutations API made GraphCMS stand out among other headless CMS. The ability to perform GraphQL mutations meant that they could programmatically manage content, in addition to editing content within the UI. This flexibility allowed the team to handle a wider range of content within GraphCMS, including user generated content.

Intuitive UIAnchor

The intuitive UI helped ensure that the team met their aggressive timelines and could easily manage content ranging from assets, to video content, nomination forms, and landing pages within GraphCMS. Each team having greater independence meant that the Content Team could be more creative with their work and execute faster without the need to include the Development team at every step.

User Generated ContentAnchor

User experience was a core consideration when choosing the tech stack. Giving attendees the ability to submit nomination forms for the awards ceremony from the Web App helped create a more seamless experience. GraphCMS enabled user generated content via programmatic structured content creation with GraphQL mutations.

Results and BenefitsAnchor

  • GraphQL mutations enable write operations within GraphCMS, enabling the team to programmatically update content.

  • Easy to allow for user-generated content to be written into the CMS such as surveys and contact forms.

  • Independence given to the Content and Development given to the Content Creators and IT enables faster content creation.

  • Content Editing tools give the Content team more ability to execute content according to their vision.

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