Fintech Company Neat chooses GraphCMS to power their Online Banking Platform

Tackling tomorrow's banking needs with a Headless CMS for Fintech

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Overview, a Hong Kong-based FinTech company, is a modern alternative to a bank which gives entrepreneurs and SMEs multi-currency accounts that can be opened and managed entirely online. Supporting HKD, GBP, EUR, USD (and counting), Neat empowers account holders to complete their transactions in the currencies of their customers, all without the bureaucracy traditionally associated with banks. A rapidly growing company, Neat needed a content management solution that was able to scale to match their growing customer base and evolving brand.

In the past

With a smaller team size and more limited requirements, a simple drag-and-drop visual CMS was used in the past. The constraints led to compromises in both functionality, and design. As the team grew and the company rebranded, it came time to find a new CMS which could serve as the backbone for the redesigned website.

Why GraphCMS?

To complement their cutting-edge tech stack (which includes GraphQL and next.js) and the need for high powered localization tools, they chose GraphCMS for their new website redesign. The straightforward UI and the ease of GraphQL mutations were added bonuses. While initially considering open source options, like Wordpress, Neat found GraphCMS’ headlessness would reduce maintenance costs in the long run as they continue to scale.

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GraphCMS lets our development team and marketing team to collaborate on the same system very effectively. It's robust enough for the developers to build the features we want, and at the same time flexible enough for our marketing team to make updates, changes, and edits any time we need.

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-Albert Yu, Software Engineer at Neat

The Features That are Especially Important to the Neat Teams are:

GraphCMS gave Neat the opportunity to integrate GraphQL naturally into their tech stack without a large learning curve. Developers could take advantage of the benefits of GraphQL despite being new to the technology.

GraphCMS gave content creators freedom from designing and building the website. Instead, they have more time to focus on delivering great content.

The headless nature of GraphCMS allows Neat to reuse content on a granular level, saving the valuable time of content creators.

Based in Hong Kong and with operations worldwide, Neat serves both the English-speaking market as well as the Chinese-speaking market; GraphCMS provides essential, easy to use localization capabilities (currently for Simplified Chinese and English).

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