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eCommerce & Retail

Case Study: GraphCMS and Avec

It took us about 1 week to set up our GraphCMS-powered ad server. In contrast, in a previous job our team needed 2 months to implement an ad server based on a traditional CMS.

Bruno Pardo
Bruno PardoHead of Marketplace at Avec

Create exceptional shopping experiences across the world with a Headless CMS for Ecommerce.

Content teams can focus on delivering personalized content at scale from a single repository. Developers can flexibly connect with any modern marketing solution, product inventory management (PIM) system and e-commerce APIs.

Avec, Brazil's leading business management platform for beauty salons and entrepreneurs, uses GraphCMS to power their in-house advertising engine, delivering personalized promotions and content to millions of users.

Travel & Hospitality

Case Study: GraphCMS and Flybondi

GraphCMS helps us build all the dynamic content in our homepage and landing pages. We publish content about promotions, destinations, and educational materials among others.

Consuelo Lopez
Consuelo LopezProduct Manager at Flybondi

Create delightful experiences every step of the way with a Headless CMS for Travel & Hospitality.

A single content repository allows content teams to focus on creating personalized experiences across locales. Natively deliver experiences on all devices, and reach your customers where they are.

Flybondi own 8% of Argentina's aviation market, serving millions of customers a year. They rely on GraphCMS to power their website, resulting in lower bounce rates, improved speed, higher developer efficiency, better performance, and shorter time-to-market, with a Headless CMS for Travel and Hospitality.

Fintech & Insurance

Case Study: GraphCMS and

GraphCMS lets our development team and marketing team to collaborate on the same system very effectively. It's robust enough for the developers to build the features we want, and at the same time flexible enough for our marketing team to make updates, changes, and edits any time we need.

Albert Yu
Albert YuSoftware Engineer at Neat

Deliver groundbreaking digital experiences with a Headless CMS for Fintech and Insurance

Experience creating exceptional digital experience with a secure and scalable CMS. Our custom plans include SLA-guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, global CDN caching, and auto-scaling. Custom origin policies, ASN and IP Firewalls, data encryption, and choice of data centre ensure compliance., a Hong Kong-based FinTech company, complements their cutting-edge tech stack (which includes GraphQL and next.js) with GraphCMS.

Startups & Tech

Case Study: GraphCMS and DMarket

GraphCMS allowed us to work with a tech stack filled with best-of-breed products including GraphQL, Angular, Cloudflare, and Steam. The intuitiveness of the system enabled our engineers to be productive from Day 1 of the project.

Roman Pinskiy
Roman PinskiyHead of SEO at DMarket

Push the boundaries of what you can accomplish with a Headless CMS for Startups and Tech.

Experience true flexibility in delivering native content across all locales and devices, from web and mobile, to wearables and other smart devices.

DMarket is an in-game item trading platform. Joining their future-proof technologies of distributed ledgers, machine learning, and AI, GraphCMS delivers massive SEO optimized datasets to their platform.

Media & Publications

Case Study: GraphCMS and Discovery

GraphCMS provides an easy to use tool to help manage and highlight news stories related to Project C.A.T. The platform integrates seamlessly with our website and we are able to upload and distribute stories globally very quickly.

Matthew Falco
Matthew FalcoManager at Discovery Communications

Deliver breaking editorial content with a Headless CMS for Media & Publications.

Content teams deliver localised pages, articles, content, campaigns, and dynamic content at scale; all whilst developers easily manage the content infrastructure.

Discovery uses GraphCMS for global news stories, celebrity news, and stories about wildlife conservation. The authoring interface enables simple and quick editing and curation process of stories so that the website can stay up-to-date in real-time as news breaks.

Agencies & Partners

Case Study: GraphCMS and Leviathan

Although we had zero GraphQL experience in the beginning, we still saved tons of time setting up this project in just one month.

Matt Greenberg
Matt GreenbergCreative Developer at Leviathan

Deliver exceptional digital experiences for your clients with an agency ready Headless CMS

We partner with innovative partners to deliver digital projects faster. Our team actively supports and joins you in implementing GraphCMS for your client’s projects.

Ketchum chose GraphCMS for an awards project with, powering their landing page, nomination categories, image galleries, video content, and nomination forms.

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