GraphCMS uses conventional HTTP responses codes when returning API requests.

Codes in the 2xx range refer to a successful request, whereas responses in the 4xx range indicate there was an error due to the information you provided, such as invalid query arguments, or auth token.

200OK - Successful response
400Bad request - Typically due to invalid query arguments
401Unauthorized - Usually no valid Permanent Auth Token was provided
404Not Found - Typically invalid endpoint or environment requested
429Too Many Requests - You're making too many requests, slow down
500Internal Server Error - Something went wrong our side

A typical GraphQL error will look like the below. The format of the error is typical for any 400 query or mutation request.

"errors": [
"message": "input:1: Field \"idd\" is not defined by type PostWhereInput. Did you mean id?\n"
"data": null,
"extensions": {
"requestId": "ckff8k1tc0nsg0150cssdkzxm"

It's clear from the error above that the field idd is not part of the Input Type.

GraphCMS will also return the requestId which can be used when requesting support.

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