Getting Started

How do I import data into GraphCMS?

Content can be imported via the Import/Export API or the Content API of your project. For large amounts of data, using the Import/Export API is recommended (Documentation about the Import/Export API). For smaller amounts of data, using the Content API and GraphCMS Mutations (GraphQL write operations) is recommended. GraphCMS supports both read and write operations. So, with a simple script you can write your content in pre-defined schemas. Here is an example start-to-finish project demonstrating the process. Here is the documentation about the GraphQL Mutations.

How is asset traffic measured?

Asset traffic represents the amount of assets (e.g. images, videos, pdfs) downloaded by viewers. This is the bandwidth consumed.

Are there any traffic or API operation limitations?

GraphCMS follows a fair use policy for all paid self-service plans. Asset traffic is limited to 1 TB per month; API operations are limited to 10 million per month satisfying the needs of most organizations. Additional resources can be added on demand.

What is your pricing?

See our self-service plans here or contact our sales team to discuss enterprise pricing plans.

Do you collaborate with technology development agencies?

Yes! Find out more about the agencies successfully employing GraphCMS, our partner program and partner benefits on our Partner page or directly contact our partner team for scheduling a call.