Technology and Features

Is GraphCMS able to call API from other applications?

Yes, you can use webhooks for reacting to calls from other applications. It doesn’t matter where the calls are coming from.

How long does it typically take until content goes live after publishing?

Immediately, <1 sec

Can I schedule posts with GraphCMS?

Currently, this is not possible.

Can I connect Google Analytics with GraphCMS?

In the case of a headless CMS, you need to add your Google Analytics token in the front-end of your application or website.

Does GraphCMS allow collaboration among team members?

There are multiple ways to collaborate within GraphCMS. You can have various roles with different permission levels, set simple or complex workflows, leave comments to a new piece of content, etc.

Can I have folders for my content in GraphCMS?

GraphCMS content views offer a folder-like structure for your content. Persistent Content Views allow a persistent view of content with specific features for which a filter is pre-applied.

Do you allow for plugin development within GraphCMS?

With our webhooks and write-operations (mutations) you are able to connect any 3rd-party services.

We are starting to open source our content management interface (the web application you see when you log into GraphCMS). This will allow our community to build customized editors and extensions.

How can I preview newly created draft content with GraphCMS?

There is a built-in preview for each content item created. Entries that are set to “Draft” or “Not published” in your content editing window can first be pushed to a test-version of your application in the front-end for preview before they get published on the production version of the application. This is made possible by using API token filters.

Can we create subcategories in categories to drill down?

We currently miss the possibility for drill-down-like structures. With flat queries, you could still set up a way to query it deeply, but the flat structure won't help you in your process of content creation. We have the drill-down feature on our roadmap.

Is it possible to share or separate some content per client fetching content from GraphCMS (e.g. different apps or websites)?

Yes, this is defined either in your app schema, or via filters.

Is it possible to share or separate some content per country?

Yes, this is defined either in your app schema, or via filters.

Is the user interface of the content management system available in multiple languages?

Currently, the content authoring interface is only in English. After open-sourcing it in early 2019, multiple languages will be available.

Where can I find your Management API Documentation?

The Management API has an auto-generated documentation via the API Explorer. Detailed Management API documentation will be released in early 2019.

The Management API allows you to programmatically do the following operations within and across projects:

  • Create, delete and update content models, enumerations, fields, content views
  • Invite users
  • Deploy a schema
  • Add and revoke permissions to a role
  • Create, update, delete a project
  • Clone and sync a stage
  • Import and export content
  • Create authorization tokens
  • Create, update, delete a webhook

Use cases include migrating your schema and content from a legacy CMS into GraphCMS, using project-templates (write-once-use-multiple-times), fixing bugs in several projects.

What types of image editing actions can I perform on GraphCMS?

GraphCMS enables content teams to perform a wide range of on-the-fly image transformation actions including:

  • Resizing an aligning
  • Cropping
  • Rotating
  • Flipping
  • Flopping
  • Adding a watermark
  • Facial Detection
  • Pixelating and Blurring faces
  • Filetype conversion
  • Compression
  • Quality change
  • Chain transformations
How does GraphCMS count the size of images to the asset traffic when they get resized?

GraphCMS only counts the size of the resized image.

Does GraphCMS support scheduling?

You would need to create a specific date time field in your model (“Publication date”) and then filter in the frontend for only entries that have this date less than the current date

Is it possible to copy content to a different development stage?
  1. In the process of creating a new stage, you can also copy the included content. See video.
  2. If you want to copy data from a stage to another stage at a later point, you will need to use a simple script and mutations. More about mutations here.
What are GraphCMS stages?

For improved team collaboration and more efficient and secure development workflow, you can build your project with multiple staging environments (e.g. development, testing, production).