What are Assets

Videos, audio, documents, archives and most commonly, images, are all types of an Asset. Assets are a core feature in GraphCMS because the handling assets often needs special consideration. The way you upload files, store them and more requires a lot of implementation details - and so we've made them a special model in our system.

How to use Assets with GraphCMS

Assets are attached to your models via a relationship, once your model has an asset relationship, you can upload one (or more if allowed) assets to your content entry. We offer previews for images out of the box and the asset model has a number of top-level fields specific to images as well such as height and width.

One of the great features about Assets in GraphCMS is that you can create custom fields for adding additional metadata such as an image attribution field.

Working with Assets

For more information about Assets, see our reference on the asset field.

Were you expecting something more?

We are constantly contributing to our documentation, but if you spot something we're missing, let us know and we'll be sure to add it.

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