What is Caching

Caching is the practice of saving the content response from an API and assuming the content hasn't changed too much so that you don't need to go check for fresh content for every visitor. Asking for content adds time in how long it takes a person to interact with your app or website, and in some cases, can even accrue more cost.

How to use Caching with GraphCMS

You don't! At least you don't need to. You can still cache content using tools like Apollo Server or others, but in terms of checking for fresh content from GraphCMS and making sure that your data delivery is as optimized as possible, we handle that for you! The moment any customer requests content, we push a copy of that content and the query they used to ask for it to servers all around the world so the rest of your customers can benefit from someone else asking for the data and having it delivered from a server closest to them.

Were you expecting something more?

We are constantly contributing to our documentation, but if you spot something we're missing, let us know and we'll be sure to add it.

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