Working with Views

What are Custom Views?

'Custom Views'

Custom Views allow you to view content in a unique way that suits your content workflow. They are custom defined by the user and can be kept private or shared across teammates in the project.

Creating a Content View

To create a content view, you'll want either add a filter or edit the column structure. You can do one or both, make your view the way you'd like, then click the button labeled Save Content View in the header.

From here you will be prompted to add a name, and description. Optionally, you can choose to make a Custom View private and/or inside of a view group.

Content View Groups

'View Groups'

Also known as folders allow editors to organize types of content in uniquely intuitive groups.

To create a view group, in the bottom left-hand corner of the content sidebar there is a plus-folder icon. Clicking it will prompt you to to create a name and description as well as give you the decision to make the group of content views private.

Use cases for Custom Views

  • Exactly what you need to see - clean view
  • Draft blogs
  • Product type