Working with the GraphCMS Vercel Integration

Ronak Ganatra
Ronak Ganatra

February 13, 2021

About the Integration

The Vercel Integration allows you to seamlessly update your static deployments at the push of a button from within GraphCMS itself. Not to be confused with triggered builds via webhooks, this integration allows you to install a button in the GraphCMS sidebar of a content model for manual redeploys.

What can you do with the Vercel integration in GraphCMS

  • Trigger Vercel builds from within your content view with a single click.
  • Specify which content models display the button in the sidebar, giving you more control over how builds are triggered when there are changes to your content.

Set up the Vercel Integration in GraphCMS

Step One: Activate the Vercel integration in GraphCMS

Step 1 - Select Vercel from Integrations

Log in to your GraphCMS project, and select integrations from the settings sidebar.

Step 2 - Enable the Vercel Integration for GraphCMS

Select Vercel and enable the integration.

Step 3 - Authorize your Vercel Account to be used with GraphCMS

Connect to your Vercel account to allow the integration to work.

Step 4 - Authorize GraphCMS in Vercel

Authorize the GraphCMS integration for your Vercel account.

Step Two: Configure which content models to enable the integration for

Step 5 - Select the projects and content models to activate the integration for

Select the Vercel projects you want to connect to your GraphCMS project.

Step 6 - Confirm your integration

Select which content models show the deploy button in the GraphCMS sidebar.

Note: Only content models selected will display the deploy button.

Step Three: Update and deploy

Step 7 - You’re all set!

When creating, publishing, unpublishing, or editing content, simply click on Start Building to trigger a new Vercel build.

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