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What is a Headless
Content Management System?

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A Content Management System Based off of an API

Using an API first system allows for decoupling of the content and the front-end. A further upgrade to this concept is using GraphQL. This allows for quicker editing, and load times.

A Web App to Upload and Edit Content

No developer enjoys adding punctuation, changing an image or updating a blog post. With GraphCMS’ headless content management, all of these issues are a thing of the past.

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Front-end-less = Freedom to Choose Your Technology

Headless enables developers to use any technology, framework and programming language to create web apps, mobile apps, IoT apps and more!

GraphCMS - the First GraphQL
Content Management System

GraphCMS at it’s core uses GraphQL technology, meaning your queries are lightning fast to develop, edit and query. It’s so quick, you can build it in minutes.

Build your API for free, now!

When Should You Use a Headless CMS?
and When Not to!

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If a unique design is needed to display your content.

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Your application is available on many devices and platforms.

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Content is regularly updated or added.

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Your app houses a Large amount of Content

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You develop on JAMstack principles

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Your content doesn’t need to be updated often.

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You only need your content in one language.

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Your team doesn’t have dedicated developers.

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Your app is simple, and not difficult to manage.

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You don’t care about the speed and reliablility of your app.

Differences Between Headless
Content Management and Traditional

Separation of
Content and Code

GraphCMS no longer constraints teams with design. That means our Content Management System manages and delivers pure content and you the client decide how the visual display of the content is shown.

Content Management
As A Service

Traditional systems require you to worry about your own hosting. Using a headless CMS, such as GraphCMS, places the burden of hosting on us.

Features and Concepts That Make GraphCMS the Best Headless CMS

As the first GraphQL content management system, we have the best perspective on what is needed out of a Headless CMS. We know that this product needs to be focused on making life easier for developers.

Modern Web development, the JAMstack Way

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Web development as a whole is modernizing rapidly. JAMstack is the concept of JavaScript, API, and MarkUp. Using a Headless CMS is a core concept of JAMstack development. This concept delivers increased performance, better security, lower cost of scaling, and a better development experience. We at GraphCMS LOVE the JAMstack concept and are proud to fit into the modern workflow. GraphCMS is a client-side and JAMstack compatible CMS, in comparison to a server-side CMS, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Squarespace. Who doesn’t love a good peanut butter and jam sandwich. A beautiful JAMstack you could implement today includes: Netlify, GraphCMS, React, Webpack, and Gatsby.

Who Needs GraphCMS’ Headless CMS?


The needs of a developer for a headless CMS are typically mobile developers who require a backend to feed their apps with content, or front-end developers who interact with APIs on a regular basis. While both technologies have been around for a while, its becoming increasingly popular to use a CMS as a Service because of its simplicity.


Content creators generate their content for many different channels and devices. It’s far too tedious and expensive to have seperate tools for different channels, so a CMS as a Solution like GraphCMS saves time and money. Using GraphCMS’ service allows developer’s precious time to be focused on the application instead of minor post-edits.

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