Learn more about working with Svelte, and why a Svelte Headless CMS with GraphQL could be the right option for your next project.

Svelte and Headless CMS

What is SvelteAnchor

Svelte is a JavaScript framework for building UI components that is different from others like React and Vue in that Svelte is a compiler. This means that it ships imperative code to the browser rather than a JavaScript runtime.

Benefits of SvelteAnchor

Highly performant code in a small package. It empowers developers to solve problems with less code.

GraphQL and SvelteAnchor

SvelteKit allows the use of GraphQL for both client-side and server-side. Meaning any sensitive credentials can be handled on a server route.

Why use a Headless CMS for SvelteAnchor

Svelte is well suited to consuming external APIs (both client and server-side) and using a headless CMS to build your project gives the flexibility to separate the content.

Working with GraphCMS and SvelteAnchor

This example demonstrates how to query from GraphCMS with graphql-request in SvelteKit.


Deploy with Vercel

How to Use GraphCMS and Svelte

Download Manually

npx degit graphcms/graphcms-examples/with-sveltekit with-sveltekit

Install & Run:

cd with-sveltekit
npm install
npm run dev -- --open

Run on Codesandbox

Develop with Codesandbox

This video covers the above example of adding GraphQL support to your Svelte application. It uses graphql-request, allowing you to query your content using GraphCMS's GraphQL Content APIs.

Learn how to build production-ready web applications with SvelteKit and GraphCMS in this Jamstack Explorers Mission.

It's Easy To Get Started

GraphCMS plans are flexibly suited to accommodate your growth. Get started for free, or request a demo to discuss larger projects with more complex needs