Success Story: Migrating from Drupal to GraphCMS

Emily Nielsen
Emily Nielsen
Bruno Michels
Bruno Michels

April 8, 2021, 13:00


With Drupal7 sunsetting in November 2022, register for our webinar to learn how our customers successfully made the move to GraphCMS, embracing a modular tech stack.

Migrating from Drupal7 to Headless CMS

Companies that do not adapt to be flexible and innovative struggle to remain competitive. In today’s digital world, flexibility often comes down to the tools that teams use in addition to the right mindset and processes. Rigidity in systems and tech stacks lead to longer implementation times and hacky solutions rather than a best-of-breed approach which enables teams to use the correct tool to solve a specific problem.

Join us as we speak to our customers who've successfully made the move from legacy CMS to GraphCMS - embracing a best-of-breed modular approach. We'll cover the decision-making process around their re-platforming, the learnings from this, as well as their experience with embracing a microservice-led architecture.

If you're unable to attend the recording, we will send across an on-demand version after the event has streamed.

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