Static Site Generators (SSG) and Headless CMS

Alex Naydenov
Alex Naydenov
Ronak Ganatra
Ronak Ganatra

What is a Static Site Generator? What are the benefits of Static Sites? How do Static Sites and Headless CMS work together? So many pressing questions to answer.

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SSGs offer a valuable compromise between hand-coded static sites and full CMS capabilities – while retaining the both their benefits. With SSGs, developers essentially write dynamically and publish statically.

In modern web development, static sites and content management systems are hot topics and for a good reason. With technology advancements from companies like Netlify, Gatsby, and Vercel, and the emergence of the JAMstack development model, static sites are modern creatures that are misunderstood by many.

Find out more about how Static Site Generators and Headless CMS work hand-in-hand in this eBook.

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