The Ultimate Guide to Headless CMS and SEO Best Practices

Ronak Ganatra
Ronak Ganatra

Stop struggling with bad rankings because of cumbersome and legacy CMS solutions.

Headless CMS and SEO.png

Good SEO isn’t hard when done right, but can definitely seem so when your CMS holds you back.

When development teams start laying the technical foundation before the marketing or content team start to create content you get a head-start in ranking on SERPs when content is created, rather than having to allocate time for technical additions and fixes on the go.

Investing time to put technical parameters in place for the content team empowers them to focus on what they do best, and give you the peace of mind of having websites performing optimally for Search Engines. Constantly engage with the content team to understand any changes in SEO factors, and make sure that your website is continually audited and checked for any changes that might impact SEO.

In this eBook we'll cover everything you've wanted to know about how SEO and Headless CMS go together, as well as some insights into how we, at GraphCMS, handle our SEO using our own product.

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