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Static Site Builds with GitHub Actions cover image

Static Site Builds with GitHub Actions

GraphCMSGitHub ActionsAWS Lambda

Marco Streng shows how you can trigger a GitHub Actions Workflow from GraphCMS, to deploy your static site using AWS Lambda for the serverless function and Amazon S3 for storage.

Marco Streng photo

Marco Streng


Modular Web Apps with Jamstack cover image

Modular Web Apps with Jamstack

GraphCMSHasuraMicrosoft Graph

Rob Dominguez went on to develop web apps using the Jamstack, and defines it as “pure nirvana”. To quote him, “This makes development fast. Like, "I can build a SaaS in a day" fast.”

Rob Dominguez photo

Rob Dominguez


Habeeb Bombata’s Portfolio cover image

Habeeb Bombata’s Portfolio


An absolute firecracker of a portfolio for Habeeb Bombata, using GraphCMS, ReactJS, Lottie, and GraphQL. The portfolio is brilliantly made, and we highly recommend checking it out!

Oluwole photo



Travel Bucket List Map cover image

Travel Bucket List Map

GraphCMSGatsbyReact Leaflet

Colby Fayock recently (and really quickly) spun together a travel bucket list using GraphCMS, Gatsby, and LeafletJS that was also featured on FreeCodeCamp.

Colby Fayock photo

Colby Fayock


GraphCMS Markdown Migrator cover image

GraphCMS Markdown Migrator


Giacomo couldn't find a simple solution to move over all his static markdown files into GraphCMS, so he built one. Give the migrator .md files and it will create a Post entry in GraphCMS.

Giacomo Cerquone photo

Giacomo Cerquone


Updates from SAP cover image

Updates from SAP


Oliver shared what he’s working on with GraphCMS and Gatsby - a regularly updated online repository that aggregates recorded online sessions from within the SAP community.

Oliver Kohl photo

Oliver Kohl


Blog with Gatsby, Chakra UI and GraphCMS cover image

Blog with Gatsby, Chakra UI and GraphCMS

GraphCMSGatsbyChakra UIGraphQL

Hawyar from the GraphCMS community took that very blog starter to the next level. Check out his blog website template powered by GraphCMS and Gatsby with some pretty neat features, using ChakraUI.

Haywar photo



Frontend Serverless with React and GraphQL— A Masterclass cover image

Frontend Serverless with React and GraphQL— A Masterclass


Dr. Stephen Jensen released a brand new course on Code Mochi! Check out this course on Serverless, GraphQL, React, and Next.js

Dr. Stephen Jensen photo

Dr. Stephen Jensen


Jamstack Handbook cover image

Jamstack Handbook


Colby Fayock dropped his much-anticipated eBook - the Jamstack Handbook, featuring setting up a Jamstack website with Gatsby, Netlify, and GraphCMS. Grab a copy!

Colby Fayock photo

Colby Fayock


Rishi Kothari's Portfolio cover image

Rishi Kothari's Portfolio


Rishi pushed out a shiny new portfolio with a calming aesthetic. Built using Next.js, SASS, and Framer Motion, all the content is served from GraphCMS, making for a ridiculously high-performance portfolio.

Rishi Kothari photo

Rishi Kothari


Agency Website with Shopify and GraphCMS cover image

Agency Website with Shopify and GraphCMS


Vincent recently launched the new Molsoft website. Based in Montreal, Molsoft are a specialized agency creating unique eCommerce experiences with expertise in Shopify Plus.

Vincent Carrier photo

Vincent Carrier


Pokedex cover image



Sergio launched a new product on Product Hunt called Zyla. Its’ an open-source headless commerce package deployable on Vercel that uses Dola, BEP, and GraphCMS. Pokedex is a demo built on the same.

Sergio Villaseñor photo

Sergio Villaseñor


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