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Dedicated Infrastructure

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Dedicated Infrastructure

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Find out more about the power of GraphQL!

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GraphQL is a data query language and runtime designed and used at Facebook to request and deliver data to mobile and web apps since 2012. It is the successor of REST.

  • One Endpoint to Rule Them All

    With GraphQL as a query language, it is up to your client application to specify the shape of the data it requires from the server. A GraphQL query returns exactly what a client asks for and no more. There is just one endpoint on the server that is capable of serving all the data that is requested.

  • Declarative and Strongly-Typed

    The GraphQL type system helps to ensure that your queries are valid at the time of development. This saves you from frustration of invalid queries and boosts your productivity.

  • Minimum Payload

    Since your application receives only the data it requested, the payload is limited to the minimum. This is especially important in mobile or low bandwidth scenarios. Also communication overhead is reduced: querying a complex content graph, GraphQL will be able to deliver all data in just one round trip.

  • Generated API Documentation

    Writing and maintaining API documentation can be cumbersome. With GraphQL, you don't have to worry about documentation at all. Through introspection all of your API documentation will be generated automatically.

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