What is GraphCMS

GraphCMS is the first native GraphQL Headless CMS focused on Content Federation. As a frontend and backend agnostic API-first solution, GraphCMS enables over 50,000 teams around the world to create, enrich, and deliver content programmatically.


Enrich content with remote data fetching, UI Extensions, and Integrations.

Developer Operations

Increase developer efficiency with leading GraphQL APIs and SDKs.

Security & Governance

Granular Permissions, Audit Logs, Backups & more, to ensure content integrity.


Manage translations and locale-specific publishing without complications.

Content Modeling

Work with structured content using an intuitive no-code schema builder.

Multi-Tenant Content

Repurpose and distribute content everywhere through a single GraphQL endpoint.

Why GraphQL

Learn why GraphQL is core to building complex applications with microservices.

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Content Federation

Unify your stack into a single API, reducing the complexity of your architecture.

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Composable Architectures

Drive continuous business innovation API-first with stacks, not suites.

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Designed for Teams

With leading GraphQL APIs and an innovative approach to external data sourcing, GraphCMS is the content platform that enables you to deliver ambitious applications at scale.

Build API-first on your terms, using your preferred frameworks, libraries, and languages.

GraphCMS for Engineering

Manage and deliver content seamlessly by unlocking agile workflows in parallel with your development teams.

GraphCMS for Content Creators

Integrate your stack to orchestrate the content layer and stop inflexible technologies from coming in the way.

GraphCMS for Businesses

GraphQL APIs to boost developer productivity

Build modern applications for any platform with an API-first approach. All your content is hosted in the data center of your choice, and served from the world’s fastest Edge CDN.

Flexible to fit your needs

From rapidly validating prototypes to forming a vital part of your enterprise tech stack, GraphCMS comes with a robust set of capabilities to make your most ambitious projects easy to set up and scale.

Our free-forever developer plan is designed to get your projects up and running as quickly as possible. Perfect for personal or small-scale projects that require a robust Content API.

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GraphCMS is relied upon across the world - from high-growth scale-ups to the Fortune 500; from cloud-native SaaS companies to governments and public services.

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Our implementation and ecosystem partners offer global coverage for customers rapidly bringing digital products to market.

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Product Update: November 2021

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See for yourself what we've been working on:

  • Enhanced auditing with Webhook Log Views

  • More flexibility with Hidden & Read-Only fields

  • Published individual items or releases in advanced with Scheduled Publishing

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Who We Support

  • Telenor

    When you work with a monolith, you become a spec writer. We needed the abstraction layer and UI on top of it (database), which would have used a large amount of development resources.

    Lars-Flemming ClausenSenior Engineer at Telenor
  • BioCentury

    My eyes lit up at how easy and intuitive it was to do content modeling with GraphCMS. It gives me unlimited possibilities of what we can connect and build based on what we’re looking for.

    Jenny NicholsDirector of Publishing at BioCentury Inc.
  • 2U

    GraphCMS has made it really easy to scale up our content needs when our business model gets more demanding.

    Jason KayeDirector of Engineering at 2U
  • Prym

    GraphCMS is what we need for the future.

    Michael UrbanDirector of eCommerce and Digital Solutions