Build and manage documentation with the official GraphCMS Docs Starter, built using React, Remix, and TailwindCSS.

About the starterAnchor

Rather than manage Git workflows and change submissions, you can use the power of a fully headless content management platform to create pages, manage navigation structure, connect pages with embedded relations, and more. Built using Remix and TailwindCSS, the GraphCMS docs starter lets you get up and running with your own project and frontend.


The GraphCMS Docs starter comes with these powerful features out of the box

  • Built with Remix
  • Embeddable content entries with GraphCMS
  • Rich Text content editing
  • Table of Contents for docs pages
  • Render custom embeds using Rich Text Renderer
  • Styled using Tailwind CSS
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • SEO support (Open Graph & Twitter tags, sitemap, etc.)
  • Preview mode support


Get up and running with your own Docs within minutes!

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