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Embrace the era of application content

Not all content is marketing, which is why most CMS find their limits at websites. In the age of streaming platforms, SaaS products, omnichannel eCommerce, and IoT, you need more than just a CMS.

“We needed the flexibility of a database, with the abstraction and UI of a CMS, which would have used a large amount of resources…”

“We needed the flexibility of a database, with the abstraction and UI of a CMS, which would have used a large amount of resources…”

The Telenor team depends on GraphCMS to deliver an HD TV streaming platform for millions of viewers across the Nordics, relying on us to programmatically enrich over 2k new videos each month on their platform at <100ms latency on millions of API calls.

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Content to interact with

Content to interact with

Content today is interactive “application content.” Rather than just being passively consumed, content needs to be actively interacted with, personalized, contextually adapted, and omni-accessible.

GraphCMS allows teams to create content and upload media assets once at a micro, modular level, before powering leading streaming platforms, SaaS products, omnichannel fitness apps, and more.

Unlock programmable content management

Unlock programmable content management

GraphCMS lets you enhance your content through other services. Using remote fields, webhooks, GraphQL mutations, and integrations, you can connect all your existing tools and platforms to GraphCMS via API.

This allows you to not only programmatically create, enhance, and deliver content from GraphCMS, but consume interactions with your frontends to channel back into your other services via GraphCMS.

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Structured content driven applications

Structured content driven applications

The structured content approach to application content production makes it easier to launch new projects, refine existing ones, and introduce new enhancements, all while reusing existing content models.

Instead of starting from scratch every time your team needs a new presentation layer, using structured content enables you to build off of existing content, reducing your time to market, enabling a sustainable content strategy.

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Telenor delights millions of viewers with immersive media entertainment.

The Telenor team needed the scale of a database and ultimately chose GraphCMS to provide the same power with an abstraction layer for content, native localization, and schema builder. With GraphCMS, teams are able to programmatically feed content from multiple sources into GraphCMS which simplifies the work for content editors.

The flexibility that GraphCMS provides to set up and change the project schema as the project grows and develops makes the development of the projects faster and less of a hassle for developers to make changes later on in the development process.

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Asana Rebel is unifying their content delivery with GraphCMS.

Industry-leading health and fitness app Asana Rebel relies on GraphCMS to aggregate the content coming in from their development and content teams, in order to deliver high-performance digital experiences across mobile and TV to their users across the world.

GraphCMS programmatically consumes, enriches, and delivers their content across several apps, with an extremely flexible API that can satisfy any custom content modeling and API design needs.

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Europe’s leading motorsport platform, DTM, accelerates with a successful user-centric digital transformation.

Previously, DTM’s website ran on several content management systems including a monolithic Drupal instance. The UX was not appropriate for the demanding fan and not adapted to the various user segments of DTM. The legacy technical setup quickly became obsolete as it no longer fulfilled the ever-changing user requirements. As the team spent time adapting the legacy system, one question was pushed to the forefront: “What is the tech architecture that will lead us into the future?”.

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The leading ed-tech company setting a new standard in Content Federation.

2U, Inc. (NASDAQ: TWOU) is a global edtech (educational technology) company that contracts with non-profit colleges and universities to power online graduate and undergraduate degree programs, professional certificates, short courses, and boot camps. They programmatically federate metadata from over 500 ed-tech offerings, ensuring up-to-date information is distributed to 300,000+ students.

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Why GraphCMS

Discover how a GraphQL Headless CMS accelerates your website projects

Content Standardization

Ensure that content creation processes are well streamlined, with teams exploiting the opportunity to minimise time to market, and focus on better digital experiences.

Structured Content

Work with just the right amount of data abstraction, enabling you to put your content into reusable blocks of the same format, and deliver them to your applications via API.

Automated Workflows

The structured approach allows each content field to be queried into native formats automatically. Create one content entry, and have it adjusted for each platform natively.

Assets as Data

Whether your application requires songs for a music streaming platform or menus for a food delivery web-app, your assets are also treated as data, and transformed on demand, complete with metadata.

Robust APIs

Modern workflows need to work non-destructively with schema definitions and provide the ability to preview content in the context of the consumer, to enable interactive content like never before.

Slightly Opinionated

We believe in “Just Enough Opinion” on content to supercharge your content with thoughtful CMS features and API enhancements that are tailored for Application Content.

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