The Best Headless CMS for Vue

GraphCMS is the ideal Headless CMS for Vue projects. Read further to learn how our API-first CMS is the perfect fit for your content needs when building with Vue.

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GraphCMS is the Best Content Management System for Your Vue Apps and Sites

Vue is the perfect combination of simple yet powerful, letting the framework get out of the way to let developers build fantastic things. That’s the same mentality that we at GraphCMS follow. We consider ourselves a fantastic content management system option for those looking to start small and grow big.

How do GraphCMS and Vue Work Together?

GraphQL is a great choice for any single page application or website you're building because the single endpoint and intuitive query syntax returns multiple data points. Depending on which Vue.js framework you decide on, setting up GraphCMS will be a quick task.The concept of a headless CMS is directly in line with the component based philosophy of Vue.

This is a CodeSandbox example of a Vue CLI app using Apollo to query from GraphCMS. It is based off of an example project you can clone in GraphCMS. If you'd like to tinker with the app follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a free GraphCMS account.
  2. Create a new project using the Storefront template.
  3. Create a unique and required text field called slug.
  4. Fork this sandbox, changing the GRAPHCMS_API endpoint to the one in your project.
  5. Add your favorite coffee as an entry to the Product model, and publish.
  6. Refresh the CodeSandbox and watch the content you just added go live!

Vue + GraphCMS Templates & Example Projects

We have synthesized a number of Vue CMS template and examples into this starting list. From here, you should be able to find which Vuejs + Headless CMS direction you’d like to go wheter that be static gridsome or Vue cli!

When I first saw GraphCMS, I was totally blown away by the care taken in the interface. It felt like something that I'd really want to use and something I could see being a true modern replacement to the current class of CMSs

- Scott Tolinski, Web Developer
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