Flybondi, An airline flying on GraphCMS

Lower bounce rates, improved speed, and shorter time-to-market!

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Flybondi is the first ultra-low-cost airline in Argentina and an early GraphCMS customer. They are operating out of Buenos Aires and serve 13 domestic destinations throughout the country. Since launching Flybondi in January 2018, the company has grown to occupy 8% of the market. The company employs more than 550 collaborators across the country. Flybondi will hit a milestone of over 1,000,000 passengers transported in its first year of operation – with more than 10% first-time flyers.

The key reasons for choosing GraphCMS over others systems is the advantage of using a GraphQL API. The best-in-class way to build mobile and web apps is leveraging the GraphQL application query language. Flybondi already uses it in other parts of its system, so an integration with GraphCMS was effortless.

“GraphCMS helps us build all the dynamic content in our homepage and landing pages. We publish content about promotions, destinations, and educational materials among others.”

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-Consuelo Lopez, Product Manager at Flybondi

The Features That are Especially Important to the Flybondi Teams are:

Better performance - Improved speed and reliability of mobile and web apps helps decrease the bounce rate of users.

Developer productivity - Developers have more time to create new features, which satisfy customers’ needs and improve conversion rates. This gives Flybondi an advantage in a competitive industry dominated by larger players.

The GraphCMS team is constantly delivering new features making the work of both the Flybondi content creators, and developers easier and more effective. GraphCMS helps the airline improve its system performance and achieve a significantly faster time-to-market.

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