API Reference

GraphCMS is a GraphQL-native headless CMS. You can find all of the available queries, mutations, filters and field types for working with and designing your schema here.

There are several available APIs when working with GraphCMS.

Content API

The GraphCMS Content API is what you will spend most of your time. All data inside your project can be managed and delivered through the Content API, using GraphQL Queries and Mutations.

Projects have a single master API endpoint for your content, and this can be found within your project settings.

Management API

Every project comes with a second API along with the Content API.

The Management API is for managing the project itself. This could be everything from inviting users to your project, to adding fields to a model. Most things that are available through the GraphCMS UI are available to do through the Management API.

The Management API is often likely to change, please reach out if you are using the Management API for your project.

Environment APIs

Environments allow you to safely iterate on your schema design and update schema without affecting your live product or to test structural ideas that may or may not be synchronized back into the main schema.

API Authorization

Each Content API supports creating an authenticated version of itself through a Permanent Auth Token.

These protected APIs can be scoped to specific stages and allow content to limited to query operations.

If you are a user looking for guides on how to use the UI or manage content, read the guides.

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